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Marriage may be made in heaven,,, But maintenance charges must be paid on earth. 😛

I Wish I Was A Newspaper

Wife: I wish I was a newspaper so I would be in your hands all day.
Husband: I too wish that you were a newspapers so I could have a new 1 everyday. 😛 😀

Wife Standing In Front Of A Mirror

Wife standing in front of a mirror and telling to her husband, “I am fat, old, wrinkled and no longer pretty. Will you still give me a romantic compliment?” Husband replied, “Your eyesight is still excellent” 😛

A Couple Had A Fight

A couple had a fight one night when they were going to bed, Husband Taunted: Good night mother of 3 kids. Wife Replied: Good night Father of none.

A Good Wife

A good wife always forgives her husband when she is wrong.

A Husband Is Someone

A husband is someone who, after taking the trash out, gives the impression that he just cleaned the whole house!

Being A Husband

Being a husband is a whole-time job. That is why so many husbands fail. They cannot give their entire attention to it.

There Are Only Two Rules

There are only two rules in marriage 1: The wife is always right 2: If the wife is wrong refer to rule 1

Family Watching TV

Family watching TV
Husband to Wife: Who is Sunny Leone?
Son(10 year old): The one, whose videos you’re hiding in your PC, in Sunny Deol folder!

What’s On Your Mind?

Wife: What’s On Your Mind? What Are You Thinking Now?
Husband: Stop Eating My Brain And Read My Latest Status Update! 😛 😉

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